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October 10, 2014
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A research survey by Software Advice shows the biggest pain points field service buyers have, and what features and functionality they want most in new field service software.

Here were their key findings:

  1. Fifty-four percent of buyers are currently using paper, whiteboards and other manual methods such as Excel and QuickBooks to handle all of their field service needs.
  2. The most desired functionality included scheduling (81 percent), routing and dispatching (66 percent) and integration with other systems (66 percent).
  3. Ninety-seven percent of buyers preferred one integrated suite with multiple applications and functions, as opposed to separate, best-of-breed solutions.

Manual Methods and Entry Level Accounting Systems

We did not find it surprising that most people are using manual methods to support their field service operations. Many of the prospects we face daily are dealing with the same problems. There is too much paperwork to keep track of and they are using an accounting system that is not scalable.

FIELDBOSS for Microsoft Dynamics CRM addresses these issues. You can cut down the paperwork, eliminate errors, and streamline service billing by working in one Microsoft system. With FIELDBOSS you can automatically generate work orders and track and renew contracts into sales opportunities and invoices.

FIELDBOSS uses Microsoft Dynamics GP as their ‘go-to’ accounting system because it is much more sophisticated and scalable than QuickBooks, and it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. FIELDBOSS users have real time visibility in both systems so they can have the information to do their jobs properly.

 Scheduling, Routing, and Dispatching

We are happy to see that integrated scheduling, routing, and dispatching are the most desired functionality by field service buyers. Being able to schedule, route, and dispatch technicians efficiently through dedicated field service software can help companies avoid dreaded customer service pitfalls. FIELDBOSS has sophisticated case management, integrated dispatch capabilities and escalation rules to ensure on-demand service and break fix requests never “fall through the cracks”. It also makes sure the service requests are tracked and billed every time.

FIELDBOSS allows you to track planned and actual time against contracts or standard billable rate tables and auto-generate service follow-up to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. There is even built in route optimization (using Google or Bing maps) for your technicians so you can optimize technician utilization.

Integration Preferences

Based on Software Advice’s findings, when it comes to the solution itself, field service buyers overwhelmingly (97 percent) wanted an integrated suite—which includes multiple applications—to manage their business, as opposed to individual “best-of-breed” applications to meet specific needs.

This is where FIELDBOSS for Microsoft Dynamics really stands out. FIELDBOSS is a customized application that sits on top of the Microsoft Dynamics platform, so that you are always working in one integrated solution. Because it is a Microsoft solution, you can work in Microsoft Outlook, a web browser, or even from your mobile device. You can also leverage other Microsoft products because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is integrated out of the box with SharePoint document management and Office 365. That means there is less for you to manage, and less that can go wrong (that you will have to fix).

Field Service buyers want Solutions Now

With 57 percent of incoming service calls in a 2013 survey requiring a field visit, Software Advice tells us “it is vital that companies have an efficient software solution to keep track of their workforces and handle the long and complex service life cycle” – and we couldn’t agree more.

FIELDBOSS combines the all the field service functionality you need—from scheduling and routing to customer relationship management and accounting—into one, integrated suite. The solution is completely accessible through a mobile device (in real time) so that your technicians can update the solution from anywhere.

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