Fix It Right The First Time With Elevator Management Software

April 1, 2016
Elevators, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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The extra expenses required to resolve jobs not fixed the first time can take a substantial chunk out of your bottom line: multiple extra truck rolls, extra labor, increased dispatch energy and attention, and lost service opportunities elsewhere. The cost burden adds up quickly for companies burdened by low first-time fix rates. As a result, field service leaders’ end up adding more technicians and more overhead just to keep pace with high-performing competitors.

With the right Elevator Contractor Management Software, companies specializing in repair and maintenance of elevators, escalators and moving walkways can overcome the challenges with first time fix rates.

  1. With mobile tools technicians arrive on site equipped with the most accurate information and the required instruments to diagnose and repair problems immediately.Technicians with complete information can make better on site decisions. Access to the tasks that are scheduled to be performed, previous work done, and upcoming maintenance as part of the service activity can have a dramatic impact on getting things done properly the first time.
  2. Using paper orders for managing parts results in inefficient inventory management that could cause colossal delays in busy places such as airports or high-rise buildings. Enhance inventory visibility to give technicians access to real-time inventory information and the ability to order parts from the field. This will ensure that the right parts are available where and when they’re needed while reducing technicians’ tendency to stockpile parts in their vans. As a result, technicians complete more work on the first call than ever before, thereby increasing first-call fix rates.
  3. Techs have remote access to the collective knowledge of your entire company through real-time social and collaboration tools. This way, technicians can get the answers to their questions quickly, right on their smartphone or tablet, to troubleshoot problems during the first visit.
  4. Equip your dispatchers with the all the information they need to assign jobs to technicians who have both the appropriate skill set and the parts on hand to resolve the customer’s issue correctly the first time. With GPS and mapping capabilities, your technicians will always know the quickest way to the job site so there is no time wasted getting started.

Each moment that your elevator technician can’t resolve an issue in the field due to the lack of critical data, it costs you money and makes your customers unhappy. First-time fix rates reflect how efficiently and effectively your organization can service existing customers. The higher the first-time fix rate, the greater capacity your team will have to make more service calls in a day and service new customers at the lowest possible operational cost. High first time fix rates are a win-win for everyone.

Contact FIELDBOSS and learn how to keep your technicians moving so your clients’ elevators never stop.

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