Client Spotlight: Superior Elevator

October 13, 2021
4 min read

Don’t Take Our Word For It. Hear What Our Customers Have to Say.

We are excited to introduce our new FIELDBOSS client spotlight series. In this series, we will let our clients do the talking. Learn about our amazing clients, the people behind them and their experience with FIELDBOSS.

Our first client spotlight features Superior Elevator, a commercial full-service provider offering repairs, installations, and modernizations for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

Additionally, their licenses qualify them to perform or witness all NYC Department of Buildings inspections, remove any violating conditions, and provide code-compliant operation on any elevator.

We spoke with Veronica Lane, Superior Elevator’s Operations Manager and Site Representative, to find out how their experience was with FIELDBOSS.

What were you using prior to FIELDBOSS to run your business? What made you decide to implement FIELDBOSS?

  • A system of e-mail inboxes and group e-mails to categorize types of work and the description of work performed. This data was then transferred manually to different tracking sheets and spreadsheets that were used to get an overview of the status of all jobs.  
  • The final decision to implement FIELDBOSS came from a wish to reduce the amount of manual processes carried out by the office team. We were looking to be able to have more time to focus on problem solving and growing our business rather than carrying out tedious and redundant job tracking.

What areas of FIELDBOSS have been the most useful? What features have enhanced/changed your business processes?

  • Running the tickets for maintenance has been very useful. Being able to easily assign and reassign jobs to different team members has saved a tremendous amount of time and eliminated the need for cumbersome methods of communication for what has been completed and what has not been completed in a given cycle.
  • Being able to track items identified in the field as requiring follow-up, proposals, or additional time and material has enhanced our ability to quickly identify and implement a plan to close the items out instead of them lingering unresolved. This has allowed us to increase our proposals and billing on jobs that may have previously fallen through the cracks.

As a FIELDBOSS Power User, do you feel you have more insight and control of your business verses before the implementation?

  • Absolutely. The dashboard views have made it easier not only for me to have more insight and control over open jobs but has also allowed other team members to view and assist with things that may have previously been tracked by me alone using archaic methods. It puts the data in a place that makes working together easier and more accurate.

How has FIELDBOSS improved your day-to-day tasks?

  • My favorite improvement is that each day when I review and approve timecards from the previous day, I can see the exact number of hours and cost of labor on every single job.  This helps with providing more accurate quotes in the future and identifying ways to increase efficiency in the future.
  • At the beginning of the day, the dispatcher can view all the open tickets that need to be assigned and allocate manpower as needed without having to review dozens of e-mails to find out if something requires service or not. This results in being faster for our customers and streamlined internal communication.

Where do you see FIELDBOSS improving your business in the future?

  • The ability to track problems, labor, material, equipment, etc. in detail and with ease has given me more time to focus on requests from new customers. New customers mean more opportunities for me and for my team to grow.

How was your experience from start to finish with the FIELDBOSS implementation?

  • Very quick. A bit stressful because it does require a lot of time and focus to provide the vast amount of information required to put into the system to start. The implementation team was so helpful and generous with their time while we tried to race to the finish of our project (we were very anxious to start using the system!). The ease with which we were passed along to different team members to guide different phases of the project was both impressive and operationally enviable.
  • In short, I am a FIELDBOSS mega fan, and I’m only still learning to utilize the system’s full capabilities.

If you would like to learn more about how FIELDBOSS can help your business, please contact us or schedule a demo.